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There is a little-known fact that could literally save your life. Are you aware that most chronic illnesses; those conditions that occupy approximately 4 out of 5 hospital beds (dementia, heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes type 2, strokes, obesity), are now viewed in medical circles as interconnected? There is even a name for it: metabolic syndrome. And metabolic syndrome, has one major root cause, insulin resistance. Sadly today, in the westernised world, more adults have it than don’t. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And that is why we have created Health Results.

We believe the only way to prevent the collapse of our NHS and social care networks, is to refocus healthcare on preventing and reversing insulin resistance. And we believe the only way to do this, is by helping individuals explore, measure and improve their inner health.  

Steve Bennett. Health Coach, Founder and Director
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