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Becoming a Health Results Test Centre

As you will discover throughout this website, it is now known that most chronic illnesses are either caused by or made worse by insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. It is also now widely accepted that there are five health markers that can indicate how insulin resistant individuals have become. Once the five markers have been measured, the results are placed into the Health Result App and an HRM (Health Results Metabolic) Score is provided.

As a practitioner, once you provide an individual with their HRM Score they then follow the specific eating plans and information set out on this site.

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Step 1:

How to become a Health Results Test Centre

The first step is to enrol any of your employees that might carry out the HRM test, on our FREE Practitioners Course.
There are 2 sections to the course, and no previous medical training is necessary.

Section 1 - This is a training video on how to take the five measurements. It includes how to take blood safely for the finger and how to safely dispose of sharps. After completing the video, there is a short online comprehension test.

Section 2 - A short video explaining the measurements and what they mean.

Once at least one member of staff at a centre has completed the Practitioners Course, the location becomes an Approved Test Centre and the Practitioner can order their 'Getting Started Pack' and signs our terms and conditions*.

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A short introduction

Step 2:

Practitioner Assessment Kit

What you receive in your Practitioner Assessment Kit:

  • Approved Practitioners Registration Number
  • Blood Lipid Analysis Meter
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Electronic Height Measuring Sensor
  • Measuring Tape
  • Enough consumables to test between 20 and 25 people and pamphlets explaining the score**
  • 25 HRM books to give to your clients

We also supply a pack of 250 promotional leaflets for you to generate business

All this for £395

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Additional Consumables Packs

Once you have used your first 25 sets of consumables with your first clients, you can purchase additional consumable packs. These include 25 sets of HDL analysis strips, Triglyceride analysis strips, Glucose test strips, needles, pamphlets, 1-page flyers and 25 HRM books to give to your clients. The pack costs £235, which equates to just £9.40 per client.

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Keeping Updated

There is a quarterly webinar for Approved HRM Practitioners which keeps everyone up to date. This is also recorded for those who cannot attend the live event.

*Terms and Conditions. Because Practitioners do not need formal medical training, there are certain guidelines that need following, for example you are not able to give any advice to individuals once they know the score, but instead direct them back to this website to follow an appropriate plan. You can only generate an HRM score using Health Results equipment.

**We always send 25 sets of consumables (but only charge for 20), because occasionally some practitioners, especially when first starting out and learning, end up having to take a second reading.

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