Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor


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  • Convenient and portable wrist monitor for blood pressure measurement
  • Provides accurate and reliable readings
  • Compact design for on-the-go monitoring
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Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

For some, measuring their blood pressure (BP) at home may provide a more accurate measurement than getting your doctor to do it! Why? It is known as ‘white coat syndrome’, basically meaning that often people have a temporarily higher BP while sitting in front of a doctor.

Check for high or low blood pressure

Up to a third of adults in the UK have high blood pressure, but most will not even know it.

While everyone’s blood pressure will be different, and what is considered high for you may be normal for someone else, the effects of persistent high blood pressure can have some serious health risks.

Chronic high blood pressure puts an extra strain on your blood vessels, heart, brain, kidney and even your eyes. This can lead to life-threatening problems such as stroke, heart attack, or heart failure.

If you suspect you have high blood pressure after using the Health Results Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, you should share your reading results with your GP. Self-diagnosis and treatment may be dangerous.

Why a wrist monitor?

Our wrist blood pressure monitor is a great alternative to the traditional cuff style monitors if you want a portable version or can’t use an upper arm one. The wristband is designed to fit wrist sizes between 135mm and 195mm. This device detects irregular heartbeats during BP measurement. It’s a fully automatic monitor, making it easy to use, while its LCD display makes it easy to read too. It enables two users to save up to 99 readings each, as well as providing an average of the last three measurements taken by the user.

The Primal Living Blood Pressure Wrist Reader includes:

  • Electronic monitor
  • Wide Wristband (135 to 195mm wide wristband)
  • Instruction manual
  • 2x AAA Batteries


Hazards and Cautions

Keep out of the reach of children.

Please ensure you read the instruction manual thoroughly before commencing use of this device.

If you have any health concerns, always consult your doctor.

Never proceed with any self-diagnosed treatment based on any readings from this blood pressure monitor before consulting with your doctor.

If you are interested in learning more about blood pressure, we recommend the following articles and videos:


Product Name: Wrist Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
Wristband Circumference: Approx (135 - 195)mm
Weight: Approx 150g (containing dry battery, wristband)
Measurement Method: Oscillographic Measurement Method
Measuring Span: Pressure (0 - 290)mmHg (0-39.9)kPa. Pulse: (40-80) / minute
Measurement Accuracy: Pressure: ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa). Pulse: ±5%
Memory Volume: 198 memory slots. 2 users (99each)
Normal Working Environment: (+5 - +40)ºC, ≤80%RH
Storage and Transportation: (-20 - +55)ºC, ≤93%RH
Running Atmospheric Pressure: (80 - 106)kPa
Transportation and Preservation Atmospheric Pressure: (50-106)kPa
Power Source: 1.5v - x2 AAA batteries


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Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor