Skin, Hair & Beauty

Biotin Beauty Spray


Benefits of Biotin Beauty Spray: Biotin contributes to maintenance of normal hair and skin. Orange flavour. Impressive 1800% NRV biotin per dose (2 sprays). Made in the UK. GMP Certified....

Natural Hemp Foot Cream 100ml


Benefits of Natural Hemp Foot Cream:   Made with hemp seed oil, shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter. No parabens or artificial colourings. Rich in omega fatty acids. Natural ingredients. The...

Magnotherapy Spectroscopy

from £49.00

Learn more about Magnotherapy Spectroscopy All cells in the human body carry an electrical charge, which in case of trauma, injury or disease, tends to decrease in power and often...

Aloe Aloe Lipbalm


Benefits of aloe aloe lipbalm:  Beeswax base lip balm with aloe vera and coconut oil No artificial colourings or synthetic alcohol  Aloe vera naturally soothes, heals and has anti-inflammatory properties...

Natural Argan Oil Hair Care Conditioner Mask 150ml


  Restores moisture and strength to hair Hair conditioner follows a healthy shampoo routine to restore moisture and increase hair strength. We’ve made sure our hair mask provides excellent conditioning...

Hair, Skin & Nails


Benefits of Hair, Skin & Nails: Biotin and Selenium contribute to maintenance of normal hair and skin. Vitamin A and B Vitamins contribute to the normal function of the immune...

Chill Sculpture Cryolipolysis Treatment

from £299.00

Learn more about Chill Sculpture Cryolipolysis Treatment Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat, Introducing ChillSculpture by Health Results. How ChillScupture Cryolipolysis worksChillSculpture is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses controlled cooling...

Aloe Aloe Makeup Remover - 200ml


Benefits of aloe aloe makeup remover: Suitable for eyes, lips and face Made with damask rose water and aloe vera extract  Free from alcohol 99% natural ingredients Especially kind to sensitive skin ...

VRF65 Handheld Triple Therapy


Find out more at Viorelli.comTo download your manual click here   As we age, collagen volume decreases in the skin, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Our VRF65...

Bamboo Bedding Set

from £79.00

Introducing our Unique bamboo bedding - the ultimate in comfort and sustainability. Made with soft and breathable bamboo fabric, our bedding is perfect for year-round use, keeping you cozy in...

BareBliss Pro Hair Removal

from £99.00

Learn more Enjoy Silky Smooth Skin with our BareBliss Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Say goodbye to the inconvenience and pain of traditional hair removal methods with our advanced laser hair...

VL500 Face Therapy


Find out more at Viorelli.comTo download your manual click here   Before using the mask, apply serum to the face. Adjust the size of the LED mask to a comfortable...

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