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Our Journey
Health Results is a healthcare organisation with a mission to prevent and reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome across the UK. We do this by helping individuals (and organisations) explore, measure, and improve their inner health. To support our journey, we are growing a team of skilled individuals who share a passion for our purpose and who are highly motivated to help return our nation to good health.
Our Purpose
By preventing and reversing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, we aim to reverse the decline of our nation’s healthspan, thereby averting the collapse of our health and social care systems. We give individuals the tools and knowledge to take charge of their own health destination, putting them in the driving seat of their true health potential.
Our Beliefs
Everyone should have access to:
  1. Reliable, truthful, and scientifically backed health information.
  2. Purposeful metabolic health testing.
  3. Health coaching focused on individual needs.

Why we created Health Results

Meet the Management Team

Steve Bennett
Founder & Director

James Cracknell OBE
Head of Population Health

Christian Dailly
Head of Metabolic Fitness

Siân Smith
Head of Content

Theo Johnson
Head of Design

Head Coaches

Charlie Babb
Longevity Exercise and Fitness
Emma Porter
Online Healthy Cooking Classes
Jon Furniss
Diabetes Specialist
Jemma Irvine
Metabolic Health Coach
Mark Hancock
Diabetes Specialist

“…discover why we created Health Results”

Steve Bennett, Founder of Health Results, discusses his views

The current system within doctors’ surgeries is to match the diagnosis to the disease and then treat the diagnosis. Effectively removing or minimising the symptoms but not solving the actual problem. Medicines for high blood pressure will lower your blood pressure, but don’t fix what caused it in the first place. Metformin helps regulate your blood sugar level, but doesn’t fix it. Meal replacement shakes might temporarily lower weight, but these rarely work in the long run.

Having all three of these conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, and being overweight) is likely to lead to a diagnosis of ‘metabolic syndrome’. A syndrome means these factors occur together by more than chance alone, i.e. there is a reason for it. If you are diagnosed with either metabolic syndrome or just one of these conditions, the chances are your doctor will prescribe medication or advise steps to take to treat the symptoms. This is because there are no drugs yet that can ‘solve’ metabolic syndrome.

Instead, you can and should fix the underlying problem; and it is much healthier to do so. Don’t get us wrong: modern medicine has got it right when it comes to infectious diseases – the ones you catch like covid and the flu – and certain genetic conditions. Plus, if you break a limb or get a bacterial infection then the NHS is awesome; but modern medicine is not suited to modern day noncommunicable diseases (diseases that are not contagious). But the great news is that they can be fixed; and without medicine. Conditions including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity are all fixable by simply getting a better understanding of what we call ‘metabolic health’ and then taking new steps in the right direction.

How big is the problem? Well, substantially more beds in hospital tonight will be taken up by individuals with metabolic syndrome than those for all other reasons combined. In America it is now reported that 3 out of 4 beds in hospitals are being used for people suffering with poor metabolic health. Why is there no medicine for these diseases? Because you can’t use medicines to cure lifestyle diseases, which are caused predominantly by what we call the ‘plate of prosperity’. We could release more than half of the beds in hospital tonight if everyone knew what ‘real food’ looked like and were able to obtain it.

There is a saying: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ – and that’s what we believe in too.

You can’t fix the NHS until you fix health, and you can’t fix health until you fix food!

Why don’t you know this already? Because neither of the two biggest industries in the world – the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry – currently benefit if you do! You have to swim against the direction of the tide if you want to regain control of your health.

It’s not just a case of which foods or which chemicals in foods are bad for us; it’s also understanding that food processing and most of the methods used in their formation are detrimental to health. It’s understanding that the fish finger you might have in your freezer was, at one point, actually beneficial for health until it underwent the changes needed to make it into a fish finger. Realising that, originally, there were real fibrous benefits to be gained from the apple, until it was stripped naked and made into a bottle of apple juice. As a natural whole food the apple was beneficial, but now it’s just turning your liver into foie gras! And because the fibre isn’t there, it’s causing havoc with your microbiome, leading to leaky guts and inflammation.

Yes, ultra-processed foods, seed oils, refined carbohydrates, and the introduction of new chemicals into our diet lead to insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome) and therefore are root causes to type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and even certain cancers. But it also plays a large role in depression, autoimmune diseases, addiction, and even the quality and quantity of your sleep.

We see our role at Health Results as one which helps individuals either prevent metabolic syndrome or even reverse it – just by following our various programmes. And we prove our method works with data.
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