How would you feel if I told you that most of what we have been conditioned and brought up to believe about food is simply wrong?


"We should eat a balanced diet." - WRONG! If you uncover something that’s bad for your health you should avoid it. To get our weight under control and keep our health on track, we know for sure that we need to reduce our intake of both carbohydrates and processed foods.

"Never eat meat or fat as it causes heart conditions." - WRONG! Organic meat is one of the healthiest foods we can consume. In fact, it is what we are designed to eat.

"Eat three meals a day and eat little but often." - WRONG! Eating this way actually triggers disease as our body never goes into repair mode. Intermittent fasting is how we were designed to eat.

"Consume 0% or low-fat everything." - WRONG! We now understand that quality fats are not our enemy. Food labelled as low fat or zero fat are stuffed full of sugars to replace these missing fats, and it’s these sugars that are deadly.

"Don’t skip meals because your metabolism will slow down." - WRONG! Unless we go a whole four days without food, skipping meals actually speeds up our metabolism.

"Brown bread, brown rice and whole grain cereals are all healthy." - WRONG! They are actually unhealthy foods dressed up in a nutritional outfit. They still turn into sugar in our body and could eventually cause many to develop type 2 diabetes.

"Educate yourself on what food labels mean." - WRONG! Real food doesn’t need a label.

"Prawns, eggs and other food high in cholesterol will raise your cholesterol levels and should be avoided." - WRONG! Just because a certain food type is high in dietary cholesterol, this has little correlation to what happens when you have consumed it.

"Artificial sweeteners don’t make you put on weight." - WRONG! They might not in themselves be very calorific, but they damage our healthy gut bacteria and switch off the satiety hormone, which informs us when we are full. Therefore make us fat!

As a direct result of all of this brainwashing, as a nation we are very fat indeed. When I was born in 1966, only 11% of the British public were overweight and only 1.5% were obese. Today those numbers have risen to 64% and 28% respectively. The average UK adult weighs approximately 2.5 stone heavier than they were 50 years ago. As a direct result of all of this fatness and obesity, we are the only country in Europe with a declining life expectancy!

How do we get our health back on track? How do we start feeling happy with the way we look? We need to get a better understanding of what makes us healthy and what does not, and then tell the big corporates where to stick their harmful produce. We need to kick their carbohydrate and sugar-loaded foods into touch. Together we need to stop buying their hugely profitable packaged foods stuffed full of dangerous oils infused with chemicals and revert back to natural produce, like that consumed by our Primal ancestors; the type of which our bodies should be fuelled by design.

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