Summary of Week 2 of my “Find my Abs 21-Day Challenge”!

This adventure is more than just a transformation; it's a voyage of self-discovery. For the first time, I'm embarking on a quest to uncover my abs, a goal that has always seemed just out of reach. What's driving this sudden surge of determination? The answer lies in the exciting opportunity ahead of me: on December 19th, I will be introducing a new fitness programme on national television. To step into this new phase, I aim to be in the finest shape I've ever been. Join me as I immerse myself in challenging workouts, keep a close eye on my health indicators, and adhere strictly to my nutritional plan, all in pursuit of a goal that once felt unattainable. Let's discover the potential that lies beneath!

Introduction to Week 2

In week 2 of my journey, I doubled down on my efforts, with a sharper focus on my diet compared to Week 1. But as we close in on Christmas, I found myself out for dinner with friends and family almost every night. While I tried to eat extremely low carbs for most meals, tracking my macros was impossible. So, I won’t report on them in this summary. Next week, my final week will be very different, and I will track and detail everything.

Day 8 – Monday

  • 6.00am - I started the day with a cold, dark and windy 3 mile ruck, crying 100 pounds of weight.
  • 8.30 am, cold and windy tennis lesson.
  • Then, went to YouSanctuary for a session of MuscleSculpting. It's cutting-edge technology that, in half-hour, contracts the muscles similar to doing several thousand sits, ups, and abb rollouts.
  • Spent most of the day at the office.
  • Late afternoon, I went home and did a 90-minute gym session with Marcus Willis. Marcus is a pro tennis player and ranked number 166 in the world.

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Day 9 – Tuesday

  • Hit the gym at 5.30 am for an upper body workout.
  • Then had a tennis lesson at 8.30 am.
  • I visited You Sanctuary for a Cellublast Treatment to try and remove some of the sagging skin on my belly, where the fat was stored for a quarter of a century.
  • I got home and did my second gym workout of the day.

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Day 10 – Wednesday

  • After a good night's sleep, hit the gym.
  • Went for a long ruck with 100lbs of weight across the weighted vest and dumbells.
  • Played a tennis match with my buddy Dave and got to the office a little later than normal around 11.30am.
  • Got home and hit the gym
  • I went to watch Aston Villa, who beat Manchester City one nill. Awesome!!

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Day 11 – Thursday

  • Hit the gym at 6.30 am and did lots of stretching and work with exercise bands.
  • Not enough time for aerobics, rucking, or tennis today, as it's a really busy day at the office.
  • 4pm, went to Elite Fitness gym in Redditch for a big 2-hour weight training session.
  • In the evening, I spent an hour in the jacuzzi to try to relax my muscles.

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Day 12 – Friday

  • 5.30 am home gym session focusing on my core and back.
  • Set a personal best on the pull-up bar.
  • One-hour 100lbs, 3 mile weighted ruck.
  • Went to work for the day with many meetings.
  • On the way home, I went to Elite Fitness gym for a one-hour leg workout.
  • On the negative side, we went out for dinner and had wine and pizza, a real moment of weakness.

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Day 13 – Saturday

  • Early start at 5.30 am, hit the home gym for one and a half hours.
  • Big 5-mile ruck with 90 Lbs of weight.
  • Hit the home gym for 30 minutes after doing a bit of shopping.
  • I went to watch the Wonka movie with my family, but I had a little bit of wine (well, 3 glasses tbh).

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Day 14 – Sunday

  • 7am – Half-hour core exercise workout
  • 8.30am – 10.3am Tennis match
  • Took the rest of the day off


Week 1 Health Metrics

One of the things I found quite interesting this week is that even though I have been very careful with what I ate in restaurants, my weight loss has slowed down. It appears the only way to guarantee regular, consistent weight loss is to cook everything yourself as often as possible at home. If I were to go purely on the numbers of what I would’ve expected, I should’ve dropped another 1 to 2KG. That said, all of my metabolic measurements, waistline, triglycerides, glucose, cholesterol, and especially my blood pressure, are all looking really good.

Body weight on day 1 was 84.25kg (185.7lbs) and on day 7 82.1kg (181lbs) , that’s 2.1kg loss. On day 14 body weight 80.9kg (178lbs), that’s a 3.35kg loss.

Week 2 Health Metrics


21-day Challenge Waist (cm) Waist to Height Ratio Glucose Triglycerides HDL Tri to HDL Ratio BP BP HRM Score
Day 1 92 0.53 5.5 1.57 1.61 0.98 134 86 70
Day 3 91 0.52 5 1.48 1.88 0.79 130 77 75
Day 5 90 0.52 5.3 0.89 2.56 0.35 124 77 85
Day 8 (am) 88.8 0.51 6.6 0.74 2.31 0.38 114 66 75
Day 15 88 0.51 4.5 0.8 1.6 0.50 113 64 95


For a full explanation of these measurements, visit my website Health Results:

Preview of Next Week

Stay tuned for Week 3. As it’s the final week, everything will need to be a lot stricter, both in terms of diet and exercise. I am aiming for an average of 4 hours a day of exercise and lots of fasting, too.

In my daily videos, I will be logging just about absolutely everything!