Magnesium – A cornerstone of your wellbeing

Magnesium is a cornerstone of your wellbeing. More than 300 functions in your body hinge on this element, from maintaining bone health to reducing fatigue. Yet, most of us don't receive enough from our food or water. This deficiency doesn't just impair our bodies; it disrupts our journey towards better health, better life, and a better future.

Why do we as a nation no longer consume enough Magnesium? Why is there a magnesium drought? A dangerous combination of our changing environment and the effects of modern food processing. Experts estimate nutrient levels in soil have plummeted 81% in the past three decades. Today, we'd need to eat five times more vegetables, nuts etc, than 30 years ago to achieve the same nutritional value. Coupled with the loss incurred during food processing, we are unwittingly under nourishing our bodies.

Low magnesium diets, gastrointestinal disorders, excess alcohol, and diabetes could all lead to a magnesium deficiency. Symptoms range from muscle twitching and mental disorders to high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Moreover, vitamin D deficiency, common in the UK during winter, can reduce magnesium absorption, intensifying the deficiency.

Magnesium's influence on our health is undeniable. It contributes to healthy bones, teeth, and nervous system, ensuring muscle function and reducing fatigue. It aids energy metabolism, electrolyte balance, and protein synthesis. When we deprive our bodies of magnesium, we risk our potential for a better health, a better life, and a better future.

So how do we combat this deficiency? Magnesium supplements, an essential element in our quest for well-being, can fill the nutritional gap, reducing fatigue and energising our bodies. Not all supplements are equal, however. Magnesium Bisglycinate, boasting superior bioavailability and minimal side effects, is a commendable choice. Topical magnesium and magnesium salts, applied directly to the skin or added to baths, can also alleviate muscle soreness, improve skin health, and enhance sleep quality.

In conclusion, we must remember that magnesium plays a pivotal role in over 300 bodily functions. The nutrient deficiency, fuelled by the modern diet and environment, threatens our stride towards better health, a better life, and a better future. By supplementing our diets, we ensure that we're nourished and well, carving a path towards an invigorated tomorrow. As we navigate through this journey, we must stay informed, understand our needs, and above all, never compromise on our health.

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