Dr David Perlmutter informs us, “Headaches, including migraines are among the most common disorders of the nervous system; nearly half of the adult population wrestles with at least one headache a month”. He then goes on talk to about how the pain killers people take in the USA to simply mask the pain and not cure the root cause of the problem leads to about $30 billion a year in sales. Hopefully, you will understand why, in my opinion, none of the big pharmaceutical companies want to tell us the secret of what causes headaches in the first place!

Dr William Davis, in his book Wheat Belly, explains how Gliadin (a component of gluten), which is present in wheat and several other cereals, is the cause of many headaches and how cutting back on bread and carbohydrates may totally stop many people from suffering headaches. Personally, since turning primal four years ago, I haven’t had a single one! But the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that, because pain relief is a $75 billion market!

As I have previously mentioned, science is just starting to come around to the idea that many diseases and disorders of the brain are related to the gut. While the pain of the headache appears inside our skull, the root cause is most likely to be in the gut.

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