As we begin to follow the principles of Primal Cure, we will be drinking more water and eating less processed foods. Therefore, we might need to check that we are actually consuming enough salt. It is certainly unlikely on a Primal Cure lifestyle that we will be taking in too much. This is especially true if we workout a lot in the gym and build-up a sweat, or on days when we are sprinting or playing a game of tennis or golf, when we might find that we need to deliberately top up our salt intake. If you feel that you are not taking on board enough salt (sodium) and don't like adding it to food for the rest of the family, then add one or two stock cubes (or if you are in America we mean bouillon) to a glass of boiling water and enjoy a quick broth. With your newfound knowledge in nutrition, spend a little time studying the different ingredients from the top brands of stock cubes and you will be surprised at how healthy some of these can be.

A rich source of: sodium, iodine.