Losing weight has little to do with calories, but managing hormones.

You must have heard of some of these amazing stories, the story of how a man lifted a car of a neighbours child who had got trapped underneath; or the mother who lifted a car off her own daughter. These acts are impossible right? I mean these cars weighed like 4000 pounds, and the world record for a deadlift is like 1000 pounds. How can a normal person lift 4 times the strongest man in the world. The answer is Adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone to prepare the body for the ‘fight or flight’ response in times of stress. My point is hormones are incredibly strong, incredibly single minded.

Why is that relevant? Well - The brains number one job – is to keep you alive and it uses a whole bunch of different hormones to do so. What else do you need to keep alive? Food. Your brain,  effectively runs a software program, which is powered by various hormones, that whenever you find food, try to force you to eat it. You see, actually turning food down goes against your brains wiring.

You're designed to scoff scoff scoff. It's survival. But today we can feast feast feast; and because we are programmed that way, that is what we do. It's natural.

We have 2 million years of evolution and instinct  - telling us to eat -  as often and as much as we can. Does that make sense? It’s not your fault you are carrying excess weight, it’s just that your brain has meticulously followed its program? 

Your brain is hard wired to survive and will INSTRUCT you, via hormones, which I will explain in detail later, to eat food every time you see it. OK, that’s kind of the first message I want to get across.

Now here is something else - I believe most food companies are more dangerous than even the cigarette companies. You see we don’t need to smoke, it is a choice. But we have to eat to survive. And the food companies know this. So, as we will discuss in length in many topics and articles, when they add addictive substances and hack your brain in so many ways which we are going to expose, it really is in my opinion - evil.

Maybe their intentions aren’t evil, their intensions are just about profit and maximising shareholder investment. That’s their job, in fact it is sadly – currently - the law! Whether its ethical or not, evil or not, I guess is matter of opinion. But one thing for sure, they are adding ingredients and often chemicals into their foods to keep ARTIFICIALLY REMINDING your SUBCONCIOUS brain that it must eat AS MUCH AS IT POSSIBLY CAN to survive. 

Let me summarise. There are 2 huge problems in our new westernised world.

  • We are hard wired to eat and the brain hasn’t figured out yet, that we are not going to starve. In a world when we can get food 24/7, that’s causing us a real problem.
  • Multi billion pound companies, mess with our brains, they hack our brains to maximise their profits, praying on our human hard wiring to eat.

Why is it not about calories but all about hormones? Because hormones tell you when to eat and when not too?

Hormones are chemicals released by glands to send a message from one part of the body to another. They are instructions. But because you can’t see them, people rarely talk about them in relationship to being fat or obese. But let me tell you right now. “Being overweight is 100% about hormones”.

You see, there is a hormone that tells you to eat Ghrelin. There is a hormone to tell you to stop eating Leptin. There is a hormone that tells your body to store fat Insulin and there is a hormone that tells your body to burn body fat Glucagon , as energy.

Hormones trump everything. To shift that body fat, the fat you assembled through no fault of your own -  from your brain excellently doing what it was designed to do, we need to drastically reduce the hormone that tells you to store body fat and switch on more of the hormone that loves to burn your stored body fat for energy!

hormones and loosing weight