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The Fibre First Diet


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  • Embrace adding, not subtracting and enjoy culinary freedom
  • Boost metabolism, balance hormones and gut health superheroism
  • Real weight loss through enjoying nutritious meals and understanding
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How simply reordering your favourite foods effortlessly trims your waistline & wards off disease.

When Steve Bennett’s parents were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's, he decided it was time for a change. This once-overweight family man invested millions in research to uncover the truth behind widespread obesity, chronic illness and poor health.

In his quest, he uncovered the essential role of fibre. For decades, profit-driven food corporations have extracted this vital component from their packaged, fast, and ultra-processed foods, prioritising their wealth over the nation's health.

Don't be daunted by the fact that the Fibre First diet is 1,000 pages long. Part 1 gives you everything you need to trim your waistline and maintain optimal health. It reveals how fibre facilitates weight loss and reduces the risk of numerous diseases. The remaining sections serve as a comprehensive reference guide to achieving a healthy, vibrant life. Who knew that eating more could actually help you weigh less?


Welcome to a revolution in eating, where the diet rule book is not just rewritten – it’s reinvented. Imagine a world where you’re not barricaded by the word ‘no’, where dietary restrictions don’t clip your culinary wings, and where giving up your cherished foods isn’t the ticket to a healthier you. This is not your typical diet narrative of cutting out, carving down, and saying farewell to your favourite foods. Instead, I invite you to a table where the mantra is about adding, not subtracting.

Here, we embrace a liberating approach: eating more to weigh less, relishing everything you love while sculpting your best self. Gone are the days of diets that demand deprivation; we’re stepping into a new era, backed by groundbreaking science, where your plate is an array of possibilities, not a battleground of restrictions. Welcome to a journey towards wellness without the shadow of sacrifice. This is not just a diet; it’s a delicious romance with a life full of flavour, freedom, and fulfilment.

Why is fibre the superhero of this new thinking? It’s a secret agent behind three critical missions: supercharging our metabolism, balancing our hormonal harmony, and being the ultimate ally to our gut microbiome. Think of fibre as your personal health wizard, adept at conjuring up hormone balance, tipping the scales in your favour, revitalising your gut, vanquishing various ailments, and guarding against others yet to come. Fibre doesn’t just nudge your health in the right direction; it’s a full-blown health revolution in every bite!

Now, if you were to close this book right this moment and hit up Google for a quick fibre fact-check, you’d get a sneak peek of its superpowers: a genius at lowering blood sugar levels (a top-tier trick!), a mysterious guest that passes through your body without leaving calorie footprints, a peacekeeper for both constipation and its unruly cousin diarrhoea, a weight-loss cheerleader, and the newest pal of your microbiome. Sure, you’ll find claims that fibre is just a feel-full filler on its express journey to the loo (partly true), but that’s barely scratching the surface.


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The Fibre First Diet