There are now six internationally recognised measurements that provide an overview of our inner health (our metabolic health). As you will read in other articles across this website, there is scientific evidence that connects our metabolic health to most of the chronic illnesses people In Britain suffer today. Here, we discuss these measurements – the encouraging news is all can be quickly improved by changes in diet and lifestyle.

Waist to Height Ratio

A measurement that checks how much belly fat we are carrying. High levels are associated with poor inner health.

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Blood Pressure

Determined both by the amount of blood the heart pumps and the amount of resistance to that flow.

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Blood Glucose

A measure of how much sugar is circulating in our bloodstream and is used as an indicator for insulin sensitivity.

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Blood Triglycerides

A measure of how much fat is circulating in our bloodstream. Lower levels are associated with good inner health.

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HDL Cholesterol (HDL-C)

Measures high-density lipoprotein, where higher numbers are associated with good metabolic health.

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HDL-C to Triglycerides

Calculated by dividing HDL-C by triglyceride levels. Lower numbers are associated with good inner health.

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HRM Score

Investigates the relationship between five important health measurements and helps you track improvements.

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Metabolic Fitness Measurements

In addition to knowing your HRM Score, you can also measure and track your metabolic fitness.

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