Primal Cure Hardback Book (First Edition)


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  • The secret to weight loss and longevity
  • Several chapters the food industry and pharmaceutical industry won’t want you to read
  • A detailed explanation of the top 20 superfoods
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'The secret to weight loss and a healthy long life that government, food and pharmaceutical corporations might not want us to know.' Steve Bennett

Primal Cure documents the learning and discoveries of an extremely wealthy and motivated father asking open, honest and difficult questions regarding our diet, lifestyle and environment. It unveils secrets that governments, food companies and pharmaceutical giants don't want us to know. Throughout its entirety the book is straight-talking, educational and challenges our commercially influenced beliefs on food. It's a complete guide book for health, happiness, longevity and is unlike anything written before. Its core learning demonstrates how evolution is an extremely slow process, and how we need to realign our diet, lifestyle and environment as close to that for which were designed. Or as Steve calls it, our Primal Cure.

Key points

How to live healthier and longer by realigning out diet, environment and lifestyle to that which we were designed for:


  • Carbocoaster- Explaining the effects of carbohydrates and sugar in our body.

  • Nutrition - How to use nature and not toxic man-made drugs, to cure many illnesses.

  • Macro & Micronutrients - Detailing their individual effects on the body and in which foods to find them.


  • Microbiome - An in-depth view of our gut and how bacteria can effect everything from our wellbeing to our waistline.

  • Chemicals - How to avoid them in everything from food to medicine.

  • Toxins - Evaluates the effect of chemicals found in makeup, creams and much more.


  • Way of Life - Understanding the effect of sleep, stress, sunshine and more.

  • Exercise - Which exercises are good for us and which ones should we avoid.

  • Fasting - Details how making intermittent fasting part of your lifestyle, has massive health benefits.


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Primal Cure Hardback Book (First Edition)