“Let it grow”

Our lifestyle choices affect our metabolic health. Our mind also has a significant influence over our hormones and the functioning of the body. Equally our mind is influenced by our metabolic health. The body and mind should be consider as one.

Purposefully looking after our mind will help us to make helpful choices and will lower our stress response and hormones. This will lead to better metabolic health.
There are multiple aspects to consider, including Hope, Perspective, Learning, Noticing, and Relationships.

We are often happiest when we have a feeling of control in our lives and a sense of hope that we can improve the things that are important to us. Fulfilment comes when we focus on improving what matters to us.

The way we view any situation and the world around us can make a radical difference to how we feel and the choices we make. Our perspective is not fixed. Achieving a helpful perspective on our health and opportunities can make a significant difference to the actions we take. The Health Results One Rule encourages a perspective that will support us to achieve our goals.

Being open to always learning and trying new things can improve confidence and knowledge and help us to find new solutions. Asking questions, practising new skills and trying new strategies can also increase the growth of neurons in the brain.

Noticing can help us to discover what works well for our health and life.
We can notice the difference we can make when we take small steps towards our goals. What worked well? What will we do more of? What could we do differently?
Noticing the present moment can also reduce the stress response in the body. Taking time to appreciate the present and not being caught up in past and future ‘what if?’ scenarios will lower stress. When we take a moment to breathe and focus on the present we signal to the body that all is well, triggering relaxation. This can support helpful choices.

The GRIN model of behaviour change combines some of the features of the Health Results Mind foundation. Following this 4 step process will help you move towards your goals.

Health Results Coaches are trained in the GRIN approach to mental wellness.