The blue supplement in your personalised trilogy is your plant extracts and essential proteins. N=Nutrition.

Our trilogy-tailored solution offers a distinct advantage over the majority of multivitamins available in the market, as they typically contain only one or two plant extracts in their single-tablet formula. With our solution, we can effectively leverage a broader range of potent natural extracts.

MYVIT N8 has been specially chosen to match your personal profile. It is a collection of 15 powerful herbs, 3 powerful and essential amino acids (proteins), CO Q10, and topped up with a little more vitamin D3.

The list of plant extracts we have selected for you is one of the most impressive we feel you will find anywhere. It includes Garlic, sage Leaf, Ginger, Korean Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Elderberry, Green Tea, Rosehip, Maca, Cinnamon bark, Pomegranate and more.

N8 table

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