Coconut flakes are made by shaving the coconut into long, wide flakes before toasting. They're a popular choice for baking with or for snacking and are delicious while being full of vitamins and minerals. Coconuts are especially high in manganese, which is essential for bone health and your metabolism. They're also high in fiber and healthy fats which can help leave us feeling fuller for longer.

A rich source of: manganese, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C.

Desiccated coconut

Energy (kcal) 604
Energy (kJ) 2492
Water (g) 2.3
Starch (g) 0
Total sugars (g) 6.4
Glucose (g) 0
Fructose (g) 0.8
Sucrose (g) 5.6
Maltose (g) 0
Lactose (g) 0
Protein (g) 5.6
Protein (g)/100kcal 0.9
Protein % of calories 3.7
Carbohydrate (g) 6.4
Carbohydrate (g)/100kcal 1.1
Carb % of calories 4.2
Fat (g) 62
Fat (g)/100kcal 10.3
Fat % of calories 92.4
Satd FA /100g fd (g) 53.4
Mono FA /100g food (g) 3.5
Poly FA /100g food (g) 1.5
Trans FAs /100g food (g) 0
Sodium (mg) 4
Potassium (mg) 75
Calcium (mg) 12
Magnesium (mg) 7
Phosphorus (mg) 6
Iron (mg) 1
Copper (mg) 0
Zinc (mg) 0
Chloride (mg) 7
Manganese (mg) 0.1
Selenium (µg) 0
Iodine (µg) N
Vitamin D (µg) 0
Vitamin E (mg) N
Thiamin (mg) 0
Riboflavin (mg) 0
Niacin (mg) 0.1
Tryptophan/60 (mg) 0
Niacin equivalent (mg) 0.1
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0
Folate (µg) 0
Pantothenate (mg) 0
Biotin (µg) N
Vitamin C (mg) 0
Alcohol (g) 0
NSP (g) Non-starch polysaccharide 13.7
AOAC fibre (g) N
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Retinol (µg) 0
Carotene (µg) 0
Retinol Equivalent (µg) 0