Recently, coconuts have been receiving negative press, with some misguided researchers suggesting their fat content leads to high cholesterol and heart disease. Ridiculously, these reports are just recycling old news where they linked saturated fats to heart diseases, which as we have already read has never been established (especially for totally organic saturated fats).

Coconuts are highly beneficial for our health as they contain vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, C and E, and come jam-packed with healthy minerals such as calcium, selenium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous. What’s more, they’re full of fibre, which today is sadly lacking in most diets in most British diets.

Coconut Oil - There are several thermogenic supplements you can take that turn you into a fat burning machine, but one of the most effective fat burning triggers is simply coconut oil. Coconut is a saturated fat and also an MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). MCTs are the fats that just keep on giving! When consumed they turn almost immediately into fuel, help the body convert body fat into energy and help suppress hunger. I personally put a tablespoon in my morning black coffee for a great kick start to the day. If you can find coconut oil that is cold pressed at a very low temperature, just like Primal Cure’s very own coconut oil, then you will love their wonderful flavours.

coconut oil

Coconut Flour - If it wasn’t for the holy coconut, making bread without grain flour would be kind of difficult. Derived from the dried flesh of the coconut, this is a flour packed with fibre, protein and healthy fats. It’s free of both gluten and grain, and it can be used to make tasty breads or cakes, pancakes and desserts. You can also use it to thicken up sauces and curries, and add it to smoothies to ensure you are getting your daily fix of healthy fat.

Coconut Cream & Milk - Unlike cow’s milk, coconut milk is completely lactose free! Not to be confused with coconut water, coconut milk and cream is produced by grating the coconut flesh and then soaking it in hot water. The thick cream rises to the top, where it is skimmed off, and the remaining juice can be filtered and bottled as milk. Why is it so beneficial? Well, it’s no normal fat. It’s the richest source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which is the closest thing for sale in a can or bottle to human breast milk!

Coconut Water - This is the actual juice extracted from the shell of a young coconut before it develops into flesh. Coconut water contains less than 3g of natural fructose per 100g. Compared to Coke at 11g, it sounds virtually sugar free! And there is less sugar in a glass of coconut water than in an orange!

Coconut Chunks Or Flakes - Both are great to snack on, put into salads or add awesome flavour to curries. I will often sprinkle flakes in with nuts or a bowl of berries topped with probiotic yogurt.

Desiccated Coconut - The definition of desiccated means to remove moisture from something that normally contains moisture. Desiccated coconut is produced from drying the shredded coconut and then heating it. It’s unsweetened and as none of the fat is removed, all of its amazing health benefits are preserved.

Coconut Aminos - Soy sauce is a popular ingredient especially in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. However, its not primal and for those looking to avoid gluten, Coconut Aminos makes for a wonderful alternative. It’s a dark coloured sauce made from coconut sap and as the name suggests, it’s rich in amino acids, as well as vitamin C and several vitamin B’s.

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