This is unashamedly the shortest article I have ever written. It is just 698 words. 698 words that without a doubt can change your life...

The question that our Health Coaches get asked most frequently is 'what should I eat to get healthy?'. With more than four out of five adults in the UK being metabolically unwell, you might assume the answer is complex. But it isn’t. In fact it’s very straightforward. What should be a simple answer is confused by a combination of food and pharmaceutical corporates focusing solely on maximising their profits. These corporates manipulate, distort and even tell lies about the answer. Certain parts of the medical world just won’t accept its simplicity. So, whilst the answer to 'what should I eat?' is extremely simple, you must be open-minded enough to swim against the tide and accept it.

Before I revel the simple answer to 'what should I eat to be healthy?', as images and interaction help cement learning and help you question what you have been brainwashed to believe, I would first ask if you could spend a few minutes, to create seven pairs of 'who eats what', from the following image. Take your time, this is hugely important:

Feel free to print these 14 images, cut with scissors and play the pair game with everyone you love.
So here we go. Here is the simplest answer to the most important question us modern day humans have ever needed to ask…

Polar bears mainly eat seals.
Giraffes eat acacia leaves.
Koala bears eat eucalyptus leaves.
Pandas eat bamboo leaves.
Salmon in the wild eat algae and small fish.

These are their natural diets. That is what they have evolved to eat, what they are designed to eat. It’s the diet of their species, eat it or die prematurely.

Feed the panda the giraffe’s diet and they quickly become ill; try and feed the polar bear the salmon’s dinner and they will eventually starve. Feed the giraffe the koala bear's eucalyptus leaves, rather than the leaves from the acacia tree, and they become severely ill. The point is this: all other species will only eat what they have evolved to eat and not what they have been told to eat via marketing and misinformation. Their food choices have not been corporatised. You might want to also look again at what you are feeding your beloved pets. Why? Because we feed them what corporate adverts tell us to feed them; food which they haven't evolved to eat.

So, what should we humans eat? What are we humans meant to eat?

This is the most important question asked by millions of modern day humans. There are countless articles and books dedicated to solving this question: yet the answer is simple. It is... The Human Diet! What we evolved to eat. Real food – not manufactured food-like substances. Food without a label. Food your great ancestors would recognise as food. Food you’re designed to eat. Food that is not in a box or colourful fancy packaging promoting false health benefits. Food that is unprocessed. Food that doesn’t contain additives. Food that doesn’t need us to become brainwashed through advertising to eat. (When did you last see an advert for spinach, beef or Brussel sprouts?)

If you truly want to radically and quickly transform your health, without ever feeling hungry, and without the bizarre modern day nonsense of counting calories, this is all you simply have to do. Eat what humans are designed to eat. Real food. The Human Diet.

If you are still wondering, here are all correct seven pairs from our little quiz above:

  1. A giraffe’s diet is vegetarian and they mainly eat leaves from the acacia tree.
  2. Polar bears mainly eat seals.
  3. Pandas eat bamboo.
  4. Salmon eat small fish, algae, and plankton.
  5. Koala bears eat eucalyptus leaves.
  6. Unhealthy people eat ultra-processed, manufactured, corporatised foods.
  7. Healthy humans eat the Human Diet of natural food.

By the way the amount of sugar/carbohydrates humans need to eat is... a big fat ZERO. Every time you consume them, they don’t satisfy hunger, they stimulate it. Yes, when you eat them, within a very short period, you become hungrier not less.