In December 2021, we asked all participants to tell us about their experience with our waist loss programme, having completed it 6 months earlier. The reason why we only survey after a six-month period has expired is that we feel it is important to see if any changes are lasting. Typical diets tend to only report data as soon as the course has ended (exit poll style), but these figures tend to over-inflate the success.


Below we have included the questions we asked each participant and provided an explanation for the reasoning behind each question.


Q - How effective was the programme with helping you achieve what you wanted?

This was the first question on the survey. The reason why it didn’t specifically ask about weight loss or waist loss is because some participants joined the course for other reasons: such as to sleep better, to gain confidence, or simply to learn more about food. Over 88% of people said the course effective and more than 73% said it was very effective.

Q- If weight loss was important to you, do you mind sharing how much weight you lost?

From those who said they went on the course to lose weight, the outcomes were very encouraging, especially when you consider the survey was more than six months after completing the programme. 74% of people lost more than a stone (14lb), with half of those having lost over two stone (28lb). One lady commented, “I started on 1st Feb 2021, as of 9th December 2021 I have lost 96lb [6 stone 11.99lb]!”


Q - Since starting the programme, have you noticed a change in your sleep?

While there are plenty of research papers to suggest that as you lose weight you sleep better, we also have various modules in the course dedicated to getting a better night’s sleep and therefore we wanted to discover how effective those models were.


Q - Since starting the programme, have you noticed a change in your energy levels?

Unlike calorie restricted diets, where often people have less energy, we wanted to measure what happened to energy levels when people moved to the Human Diet. A staggering 80% of people who completed the course said their energy levels had increased.


Do you feel more confident in life?

When we lose belly fat, many people tend to feel more confident. We wanted to know how our participants felt. 70% surveyed said their confidence had improved.


Has your enjoyment of consuming food changed?

We felt this was an important question because our methodology is not about portion control, but instead changing which foods individuals eat. Moving away from processed foods and sugar to natural foods. Only 10% of people are not enjoying their food as much; 28.75% are enjoying their food the same as before; encouragingly, 61.25% (6 out of every 10 people) are enjoying their food more. This is very encouraging because for permanent waist-loss it is important not feel like you miss your old diet.



How likely are you to recommend the programme to friends or family?

Of course, no survey would be complete without the ultimate acid test of whether those who invested in the course are likely to recommend it to others.


At the start of the survey, we asked participants for some general feedback with the question ‘How was your experience with the programme?’


Here are just some of the responses. (The only thing we have changed is the unit of measurement, to keep them all the same).


Eye opening. Gave me a way to finally control my weight after a lifetime of weight problems. I finally understand the impact of a high sugar/carb diet on my health. My acid indigestion has gone away, my skin has improved, I now need a lower dose tablet to control my blood pressure and feel happy most of the time. I didn't realise just how unhappy I was before.


I lost 2 stone in weight and it has stayed off.


Really enjoyed the course, being a scientist I loved all the research presented during the course. It has worked really well for me and I have lost all the weight I needed to. I am now 10 years younger according to my ‘metabolic age’ scale measurements & have gone from 10 stone 12lb to 9 stone 4lb. I would highly recommend this course to everyone regardless of how much weight loss may be needed as it resets your food choices & re-introduces you to the beautiful flavours of natural, unprocessed foods.


Brilliant, still losing weight and feeling much healthier!


It was absolutely great. I enjoyed the science, the practical advice and understanding the workings of the food industry.


I broke my addiction with sugar, fat and white bread.


Loved it, there was a lot of information but I enjoyed the learning , well-paced, have found all the recipes really useful, lost 1 stone 8lb sticking to no carbs and not eating after early evening meal and not having breakfast. Don't feel hungry so it felt easy really, so glad there's some good sweet treat recipes to help me stick to it.


At the end of the survey we asked, “Is there any other feedback you would like to leave?”  Here is a selection of some of the responses… (Again, the only thing we have changed is the unit of measurement for weight, for consistency.)


All trainee doctors should follow the programme so that they have a deep understanding about the problems associated with sugar. Steve and the consultants on the programme are extremely interesting to listen to. I can honestly say that I have more energy and I feel better about myself. I have told many friends about the health reset. It is great value for money. I now walk about eight miles a week because I enjoy getting out in the fresh air. Thank you Steve. This programme really does work!


My main purpose was controlling my cholesterol, having been told to cut down on red meet for the past 3 years, the last year I had about 10 red meet meals, I needed to do something that worked. This programme worked spectacularly - I started in January, blood test in March resulted in “all clear, no further action required”.


Just a big thank you for giving me the knowledge to change my eating habits big thank you.


I finished the health reset in the summer and I definitely felt healthier, happier and more confident. I lost 11lb and now I'm 8 stone 11lb. Not feeling as good in the winter, but that's because it's winter!


Changing my diet and getting active again, I believe has kept major illness at bay for me personally.


Following the course and having read books by Malcolm Kendrick and Aseem Malhotra I came off my statin medication and feel much better.


The health reset programme has helped me in so many ways. I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression and other mental health issues and have done since I was a young child. But through the health reset programme my pains have reduced so much so that I was able to come off the cbd oil and reduce my painkillers, I’m nowhere near as exhausted as I used to be, but above all that I'm happier in myself so much more than I've ever been. I recommend it to everyone it really has changed my life.


I particularly found the recipes very useful. I have a busy household and the quick healthy meals have been good. I do refer back now and then when I need a little extra reminding.


My Doctor was very impressed. I am off blood pressure tablets I have taken nearly 20 years. I told her about the programme.