The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic Book (2nd Edition)


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  • The truth about why we are a sick nation
  • Why you should not always believe your medical advisor
  • Simple steps to lose weight and to hopefully live longer
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The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic. Steve Bennett, with foreword by David Unwin

One in two people in the UK will get cancer. And with fears that obesity could one day bankrupt the NHS, The Primal Cure reveals how misguided research, corporate greed and outdated government advice has tainted our perception of what it means to be healthy.

Backed by qualified GPs and revered medical professionals, Steve Bennett's holistic approach to health, wellbeing and happiness, details how we can drastically reduce our chances of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and mental illness.

This is not a diet book; it's far greater and more powerful than that.
The first priority though, is to acknowledge our current diet is lacking essential, life-affirming nutrition and is damaging our microbiome; the diverse environment within us where it's crucial for good bacteria to thrive. The food our primal ancestors ate was 100% natural and the environment in which he lived was conducive to a healthy human being. Today, our food is processed or chemically treated, lacking good vitamins and minerals. Sugar and carbs are responsible for many of the health epidemics we face; but these can be averted with a Primal approach... By eating organic food, high in protein and fats, but void of refined carbohydrates - the way nature intended - we can fuel a healthy human being.
Furthermore, our environment is toxic. There is habitual over-reliance on subscription medicines and drugs, whilst our cosmetics are loaded with paraffin and petroleum. And we all know how the very air we breathe can be poison... By applying only natural ingredients to our bodies - nothing we wouldn't willingly ingest in the same way we apply topically - we can treat our bodies with respect.

Finally, we've created a stressful lifestyle for ourselves; one in which we all sleep less and worry more. Stress is lethal; strain within the body is the root cause of all illness. We're advised to do the wrong kinds of exercise; the kind of prolonged physical activity which isn't beneficial to the human body, nor appropriate for the lifestyles we lead... By adopting the Primal Cure MOMMS approach to exercise - Max Out, Move More, Sprint - we become fitter and stronger without causing unnecessary damage.

In essence, The Primal Cure shows how by realigning our diet, lifestyle and environment, we can look enhance our wellbeing and longevity so we can all live healthier, happier, longer lives.
The author and his collaborators are not afraid to speak out against poor advice which has been touted as the norm. Likewise, Steve Bennett encourages us to take control of our health and rethink our approach to living and eating.
Cure by name. Prevention by nature. Adopt The Primal Cure and changes to your health will be life-saving.


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The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic Book (2nd Edition)