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Healthy Ageing
Mens Health
Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Loss
Womens Health

The Fibre First Diet (available now)

  • Embrace adding, not subtracting and enjoy culinary freedom
  • Boost metabolism, balance hormones and gut health superheroism

How simply reordering your favourite foods effortlessly trims your waistline & wards off disease. When Steve Bennett’s parents were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's, he decided it was...

Healthy Ageing
Mens Health
Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Loss
Womens Health

Fat & Furious Book

  • An honest view on how to be healthy in the modern world
  • Opinions and views from over 50 outspoken medical experts

Fat & Furious Introduction When my seventh child Louie was born (yes I have seven, I know that’s a lot), I was obese, unhealthy and approaching my fiftieth birthday. Like...

The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic Book (2nd Edition)

  • The truth about why we are a sick nation
  • Why you should not always believe your medical advisor

The Primal Cure: Avoid Being a Sick Statistic. Steve Bennett, with foreword by David Unwin One in two people in the UK will get cancer. And with fears that obesity...

Primal Cure Hardback Book (First Edition)

  • The secret to weight loss and longevity
  • Several chapters the food industry and pharmaceutical industry won’t want you to read

'The secret to weight loss and a healthy long life that government, food and pharmaceutical corporations might not want us to know.' Steve Bennett Primal Cure documents the learning and...

Primal Gourmet Recipe Book

  • Discover how eating healthily can tantalise your taste buds
  • Over 100 low-carb delicious recipes

How and what you cook could save your life. By following the recipes in Primal Gourmet, you will rid your body of poisonous carbohydrates, trans fats and other artificial chemicals...

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