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Weight Loss Statistics

We recently conducted a survey where we emailed past participants with a questionnaire, which was then anonymously and independently verified. We asked participants to tell us about their experience with the course, having completed it six months earlier.

The reason why we surveyed after a six-month period had expired, was we felt it important to see if any changes they experienced were lasting. Typical diets tend to only report data as soon as the course has ended (exit poll style), so their figures end up over-inflating the success.

Below we have included the questions we asked each participant and provided an explanation for the reasoning behind each question.

Rated 5 stars

How effective was the programme with helping you achieve what you wanted?

This was the first question on the survey. The reason why it didn’t specifically ask about weight loss or waist loss is because some participants joined the course for other reasons: such as to sleep better, to gain confidence, or simply to learn more about food. Over 88% of people said the course was effective and more than 73% said it was very effective.

Table 1

If weight loss was important to you, do you mind sharing how much weight you lost?

From those who said they went on the course to lose weight, the outcomes were very encouraging, especially when you consider the survey was more than six months after completing the programme. 74% of people lost more than a stone (14lb), with half of those having lost over two stone (28lb). One lady commented, “I started on 1st Feb 2021, as of 9th December 2021 I have lost 96lb [6 stone 11.99lb]!”

Table 2

Since starting the programme, have you noticed a change in your sleep?

While there are plenty of research papers to suggest that as you lose weight you sleep better, we also have various modules in the course dedicated to getting a better night’s sleep and therefore we wanted to discover how effective those modules were.

Table 3

Since starting the programme, have you noticed a change in your energy levels?

Unlike calorie restricted diets, where often people have less energy, we wanted to measure what happened to energy levels when people moved to the Human Diet. A staggering 80% of people who completed the course said their energy levels had increased.

Table 4

Do you feel more confident in life?

When we lose belly fat, many people tend to feel more confident. We wanted to know how our participants felt. 70% surveyed said their confidence had improved.

Table 5

Has your enjoyment of consuming food changed?

We felt this was an important question because our methodology is not about portion control, but instead changing which foods individuals eat. Moving away from processed foods and sugar to natural foods. Only 10% of people are not enjoying their food as much; 28.75% are enjoying their food the same as before; encouragingly, 61.25% (6 out of every 10 people) are enjoying their food more. This is very encouraging because for permanent waist-loss it is important not to feel like you miss your old diet.

Table 6

How likely are you to recommend the programme to friends or family?

Of course, no survey would be complete without the ultimate acid test of whether those who invested in the course are likely to recommend it to others.

Table 7

Trustpilot Reviews

Susan | Verified 

This programme does actually work and supports a permanent life style change to be healthier. I have lost more than 10kg so far and am continuing to follow the plan. I have found it relatively easy to make the changes and follow the new eating plan. I don't miss the processed foods and am no longer hungry all the time. 


Elaine | Verified 

I have just completed this course and it was an education...ins a very good way. I felt thoroughly supported whilst I made the long term changes to my lifestyle and have lost 42lbs to date and I intend to follow the low carb recommendations from now on. 


Barbara Jackson | Verified 

If you are considering starting the health reset then go for it. It's not a diet it's a new way of living and it is so easy to do. I am surprised at how much weight I have lost in a relatively short space of time as well as feeling so much better. 


Janet Griffiths | Verified 

Loved the Health Reset. Now 27llbs lighter and feel much healthier. Would recommend this way of life and change of lifestyle. 


Jeff Gabbott-Rolph | Verified 

An utterly brilliant course, which helps you to understand the food industry's methods and practices. The videos are an hour long each day and contain a wealth of eye opening information. 


Stephen Brown | Verified 

Unbelievable how much better I feel know after completing the course highly recommend it to anyone who has weight or other things they wish to improve.

K Clarke | Verified 

This program has changed my, and my husband's, life forever. We learnt a huge amount about a wide range of health issues. Since have changed our diet to a Primal one, and eat as much organic produce as possible, we healthier, more energetic and have lost weight too. This product is something I cannot rate highly enough. I give it 10 stars out of 5! Thank you Steve Bennett and your team for the Health Reset. 


Christine Southern | Verified 

It taught me about the way Food Companies manipulate what we buy from them. Alot more besides on the medical side. The bands really help when you get cravings at first. My journeys on going. But thanks to this. One day I will be where I want to be. 


Mrs E Anderson | Verified 

Bought Reset package for me and the hubby. We didn't have any expectations about weight loss, we just went with the flow and did everything Steve said. Very informative and eye opening. We didn't feel we were losing out on anything whilst on the programme. We found the fasting section quite easy to do. We started the course in January and to this day in May we are still losing weight but in smaller increments. We have both lost over 2 and a half stone each. Well worth the money and education we received from Steve and would definitely recommend to anyone dithering, should I or not. One thing Steve said that took the weight off my shoulders was if you do have a stumble and go off the wagon do not punish yourself. That took the pressure off and it seemed to make the whole experience easier. We do have cheat days a few times a month and get straight back to the way of primal eating. Thankyou for this opportunity and the weight loss we have achieved and continue to xxx

Wendy Richards | Verified 

I started my Reset in the first week in January as over the lockdown I had gained even more weight. I was feeling down, unmotivated and hated myself. I am 63 and was finding weight loss very hard. I completed my diary (which I still refer to) where I could see how my moods impacted my eating. My diary has become an invaluable source of information taken from Steve's daily videos. I looked forward everyday to watching the videos, they are informative and motivating..... Steve presents them so well. I have now lost 18lbs and wear 10/12 clothes I never thought it would happen. I have cheat days now but I am carb free, and feeling great. I highly recommend Reset not only for weight loss but for mental health too. 


Linda | Verified 

Fantastic, should be compulsory for all adults who need to lose weight. Four and a half stone down and counting! 


Christina Sheldon | Verified 

Instructional, informative, fascinating and it works. I am never hungry and I have lost 18 pounds so far. I would advise anyone to follow it. 


Mrs Southall | Verified 

I started this on the 4th January and I have not looked back since. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but boy was I wrong and a lot of things I did know turned out to be wrong too. I now eat very healthily and am losing weight without even trying. The information in this programme should be given to every person and I am sure the world would become a healthier place. It is very good value for money and has changed the way live and eat forever.

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