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49-day Course

Weight Loss and Health Reset Course

Welcome to a different approach to weight loss that provides stunning results for those that sign up and follow the advice in the videos. Plus, using the methods you will learn that not only will you lose weight, but our past results prove you are likely to enjoy your food more, sleep better, and have more confidence and energy too.

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Have you tried to lose weight before, but put it all back on soon after?
If so, it wasn’t your fault, it was the simple fact that most diets aren’t sustainable, as they fail to address the root cause of weight gain. On this 49-day course, Steve Bennett and other leading health experts walk you through how to effortlessly lose weight without dieting, the need for willpower, feeling hungry or counting calories. Plus, you have direct access to our unique ‘Ask The Experts’ direct messaging service, which you can use at any time if something isn’t clear.

3 simple steps to PERMANENT weight loss:

1 Purchase the starter pack ▾ 2 Watch the 49 days of exclusive online weight-loss tutorial videos 3 Start to make subtle changes

‘I created this online educational course to help people across the UK lose weight permanently, but without the need to diet or exercise. As a totally independent health organisation, I was able to gain access to some of the world’s leading doctors, scientists, and nutritionists that you will hear from during your course. I am 100% confident that it will work for you; in fact we GUARANTEE it with a FULL MONEY BACK promise. At Health Results, we want to make sure you have nothing to lose other than body fat!’

Steve Bennett
Qualified Health Coach & Founder of Health Results

We are so confident about the success of our programme that you can try our course with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
See how the Health Results method will have your excess weight falling off. Permanent weight loss, and without the need to feel hungry or count calories ever again! That’s our GUARANTEE. We want to make sure you have NOTHING to lose other than body fat!

How it works


Gain lifelong access to over 50 hours of exclusive weight-loss videos, where you will discover the truth about permanent weight loss from more than 50 of the world's leading doctors, nutritionists and health experts. And, at any time if something isn’t clear, you have access to a unique 'ask the experts' direct messaging system.


After you place your order, we send you a 'Getting Started' pack in the post, which includes your interactive journal. You will also receive your membership number which gives you exclusive access to all of the unique video content.


Whilst the course is structured over a 49-day period, you can work through it at your own pace. With each lesson building on the knowledge gained in previous lessons, all we ask is that you watch the videos in order and don’t skip any out.


Thousands of individuals have already completed the course. The reviews it has received and the weight loss experienced by participants is truly remarkable.  
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  • A printed journal to assist you on your journey.
  • 3 x unique weight control wristbands.
  • A health book to complement your learnings.
  • A cookbook packed with delicious and easy recipes.
  • Tape measure to keep track of your progress.

Happy customers

‘Now 27lb lighter and feel much healthier. Would recommend this way of life and change of lifestyle.’

Janet Griffiths

‘I signed up for the programme because I am considerably overweight. Within one week I lost 10lb! I am delighted with it.’ 


‘Just finishing day 49. I’ve lost 21lb!!! Can’t believe it! Really feeling the benefits, as well as the new life that I’ve got.’

Christopher Roe-Bullion

'Finished my reset and have really enjoyed the course. I work in public health and had a heart attack last year, so decided to do the course. This is a complete life change and one I am embracing. Truly awesome course.’

Steve North

In a survey of people who had completed the course, 74% of people who responded lost more than a stone, with half of those having lost over two stone. One participant lost over 96lb in under 11 months.

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A short introduction to the Weight Loss and Health Reset Course.

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Success stories

Our unique approach really does work. Read what others have experienced.

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Statistically proven to work

See how much others have lost and how effective they find our revolutionary method.

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49-day Course

Weight Loss and Health Reset Course

£199.00 £99.00 incl. free delivery

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