Over the next few weeks we will be opening the discussion on fibre and all it's greatness. Let's start here.


A breakthrough in effortless weight loss and warding off chronic illnesses

In The Fibre First Diet, I provide in-depth detail about this nutritional superhero: one that, because of profit-driven motives, the big food corporations have been deliberately extracting from their packaged foods, their fast foods, and ultra-processed foods. Why because it shortens shelf lives, prevents us over-eating and blocks food addiction; all of which decrease profits.

The Fibre First Diet is a revolution in modern day eating, where the diet rule book is not just rewritten, it’s reinvented.

This is not your typical diet narrative of cutting out, carving down, and saying farewell to your favourite foods. Instead, I invite the nation to a table where the mantra is about adding, not subtracting. Adding fibre to the meal, not subtracting or restricting anything. As long fibre is added first, NOTHING is off the menu.

Imagine a world where you’re not barricaded by the word ‘no’, where dietary restrictions don’t clip your culinary wings, and where giving up your cherished foods isn’t the ticket to a healthier you.

10 Years of Research

The evidence is overwhelming, but until now it has been conveniently forgotten by industry giants. Let me share some pivotal moments in recent research history.

Back in 2014, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (consistently ranked as the no#1 health institution in the USA), conducted a comprehensive study of over 908,000 individuals, the results of which were published by Oxford University Press. They found that for every 10g increase in daily dietary fibre intake, there was an 11% reduction in all-cause mortality.

For every 10g increase in daily dietary fibre intake, there was an 11% reduction in all-cause mortality

The study concluded that individuals with the highest fibre intake had a 23% lower mortality rate compared to those with the lowest fibre intake—linking increased fibre consumption directly to significantly lower rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

The NHS website, still clearly states, “Most of us need to eat more fibre and have fewer added sugars in our diet. Eating plenty of fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer”.

This evidence , along with our own cutting edge 2024 Fibre First Blood Sugar Trial, underscore fibre’s foundational role in nutrition. Fibre doesn’t just attend the nutritional party—it's the guest of honour underpinning health.

In The Fibre First Diet, I explain the details of how fibre performs many crucial roles, here are three of them:


Fibre is a game-changer in food absorption. It acts like a mesh over the pylorus, the plug hole between your stomach and small intestine, regulating nutrient entry.

As a result, it slows gastric emptying, just like the new Ozempic drugs (Glp-1), but in a natural way.

This means you can enjoy your favourite meals without the fear of blood sugar rollercoasters, reducing the risk of certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and many more modern-day chronic illnesses.


Fibre helps us feel full. Beginning your meal with fibre means you’re less likely to overindulge. This fibre-induced satiety is a formidable ally in managing weight.

Fibre is free of digestible calories. Our body can’t convert fibre into fuel, so it never contributes to weight gain. In fact, the reverse is true—the more fibre you consume, the more weight you’re likely to lose. This is not just hearsay; it’s a fact supported by the latest scientific studies.


Fibre is vital in cultivating a healthier gut microbiome. Like a master gardener, fibre nurtures and grows the beneficial bacteria in our gut. These bacteria, in turn, produce substances that fortify our gut lining, reduce inflammation, and even elevate our mood.

In the book, I discuss our methodically orchestrated Fibre First Blood Sugar Trial, a fascinating experiment with a group of volunteers. The participants wearing CGMS, set out to provide an authentic, real-time insight into the complex interplay of blood glucose in reaction to a meticulously selected array of meals. Every experiment was conducted in pairs. First day of each pair, the volunteers ate their meals as normal. Then on the second day, the exact same meals were consumed, but prefixed with a fibre starter. Meals included, McDonalds, Greggs, Pizza, Subway, supermarket ready meals, cereals and much more.

There are many takeaways (pardon the pun) of our experiment in the book, here is just one of them: When controlled measurements of specific fibre was consumed first, it led on average to reduced rise of nearly 50 per cent in post-meal blood sugar levels. We proved beyond doubt that, FIBRE IS THE ANTIDOTE TO SUGAR.

I would like the pubic to embrace a liberating approach: eating more to weigh less, relishing everything you love while sculpting your best self. Gone are the days of diets that demand deprivation; we’re stepping into a new era, backed by groundbreaking science, where your plate is an array of possibilities, not a battleground of restrictions. Welcome to a journey towards wellness without the shadow of sacrifice. This is not just a diet; it’s a delicious romance with a life full of flavour, freedom, and fulfilment: Fibre First.