Never go hungry again! One of the main benefits of eating fibre is it makes you feel full! - Once you know this you will never go hungry again, Even though we are overeating, there are trillions of gut microbes that are starving.


What is the Fibre First diet and how does it work?

The Fibre First diet is a revolutionary way of aiding weight loss and reducing your blood glucose spikes, therefore combating insulin resistance and increasing your fibre intake. All this simply by reordering the way your eat your favourite foods.


How does the Fibre First diet differ from other diets?

This is not your typical diet narrative of cutting out, carving down, and saying farewell to your favourite foods. Instead, I invite you to a table where the mantra is about adding, not subtracting.


What are some typical results people can expect from following the Fibre First diet?

Not feeling hungry, a feeling of satiety and permanent weight loss. Better gut health and better mood (yes, it is clinically proven in trials to reduce depression).


What is your fibre drink Slimshotz? And how does it make you feel full?

Slimshotz is a drinkk that helps support weight loss. It works by expanding up to 50 times in your stomach, which sets off your stretch receptors and sends the hormone 'leptin' up to the brain, which tells us we're full!


What are the main principles of the Fibre First diet?

Learning to identify the fibrous foods on your plate and eat them before you eat any carbohydrates. If there isn’t fibre on your plate, add it and consume before you eat the meal. Its that simple.


What types of foods are encouraged on the Fibre First diet?

Foods that are high in fibre and ideally low in processed sugars. But as long as the fibre balances with the carbs and sugars, that’s the main goal.


Are there any foods that should be avoided on the Fibre First diet?

As long as you are eating sufficient fibres, the weight will begin to drop, even at first you continue eating your existing diet. Over time though, as you no longer feel as hungry, your food choice automatically, typically begin to change.


Can the Fibre First diet be customised to individual needs?

Absolutely. Once you begin to learn what is high in fibre, there are many different approaches and in fact we recommend variety.


Are there any potential side effects of the Fibre First diet?

If you go from zero to hero too quickly, you may experience some bloating and gas. But if you build up your fibre intake slowly, that normally doesn’t happen.


What are the benefits of consuming fibre in your diet?

It’s a secret agent behind three critical missions: supercharging our metabolism, balancing our hormonal harmony, and being the ultimate ally to our gut microbiome.


What are the negatives of not consuming enough fibre in your diet?

Where do you start? Weight gain, IBS, inflammation, increased risk of diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, depression, PCOS, the list continues.

Are there different types of fibre, and do they have varying health benefits?

There are various types of fibre, but in the man they break down into two groups, both of which fulfil different roles in health. Soluble (which basically means the dissolve in liquid), are the stars of the show when it comes to weight loss.


Curious to learn more about how fibre can transform your health? Join us next week as we explore another compelling topic around fibre!


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