In this week's blog, we're diving into blood sugar control and how fibre can be your ally.


Why is fibre important for weight loss & blood glucose control?

Fibre, especially soluble fibre, expands up to 50 times its own size in the stomach, sending a message of satiety (fullness) to the brain, meaning that you eat less food. It effectively, acts similar to the new GLP-1 drugs, in slowing the emptying of the stomach, but with out the need for un-natural drugs.


Does the Fibre First diet help with blood glucose?

Yes, fibre is a genius at lowering blood sugar levels (a top-tier trick!) and a mysterious guest that passes through your body without leaving calorie footprints.


What are the benefits of consuming fibre in your diet?

It’s a secret agent behind three critical missions: supercharging our metabolism, balancing our hormonal harmony, and being the ultimate ally to our gut microbiome.


What impact does fibre have on controlling blood sugar levels and managing diabetes?

It’s like a magic bullet. You see, type 2 diabetes is all about having elevated levels of insulin, caused by elevated levels of blood sugar levels. It’s as simple and black and white as that. What fibre does, is help to reduce both blood sugar levels, and blood sugar levels. Period.


How much fibre should the average person aim to consume daily, and how can they achieve this?

Around the world, different guidelines exist, but the global consensus is around 30 to 35g minimum is needed daily, with the latest research suggesting that most people in the UK do not eat enough fibre. In fact, some studies suggest as few as 9% of Brits are achieving the recommended fibre intake.


How does your Fibrehydrate help with weight loss and blood sugar management?

Because our Fibrehydrate contains zero carbs, this means your blood sugar will not spike when eaten and it does not contribute to weight gain.


Make sure to join us next week as we shift our focus to the fascinating world of gut health and the microbiome.


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