with Dr Benjamin Bikman

So, as a Scientist, my lab is just across the hallway here in my building on campus, we would use three different models commonly to do experiments. In fact, my lab only uses these three but they're the three most commonly used.


  • Isolated cells, so like cells growing in a little petri dish
  • and then second, using labratory rodents like mice or rats, to try to test some of these theories
  • and then lastly, humans, you know at the pinncale of all creation we have the human body

So the primary causes of insulin resistance that have been proven in all three of those types of experiments are:

  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Hyperinsulinemia

Now, I'll just mention hyperinsulinemia for another moment, because I've already mentioned that word, people have heard me talk about it. And I think it's the most important.

It's certainly the one that people can change the most readily.