Detox & Cleanse

Weight Loss and Health Reset Course


In a survey of people who had completed the course, 74% of people who responded lost more than a stone, with half of those having lost over two stone. One...

Anti-Ageing Face Cream 100g


Benefits of anti-ageing cream: Naturally reduces the signs of ageing.  Made with natural ingredients. Contains hyaluronic acid. Rich in vitamins a, e and omega fatty acids. Suitable for all skin types....

Eye Cream - 15ml


  Benefits of aloe aloe eye cream:  Made with apricot oil, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract  High in antioxidants, vitamin A, oleic and linoleic fatty acids  Skin conditioning for tired eyes  Especially...

Bamboo Cream by YouBamboo


Say goodbye to irritated, itchy skin and hello to a healthier, more radiant you! 🌟 Discover our newest skincare innovation, Bamboo Cream – the ultimate solution for a nourished and...

100% Natural Roll On Deodorant


Benefits of 100% Natural Roll On Deodorant:  100% natural 0% aluminium Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and antioxidant properties Scented with natural lavender and lemon to help you feel fresh all day...

LightWave Wellness Treatment

from £39.00

Learn more about LightWave Wellness Treatment At our Health Results clinics, we provide professional red light and blue light therapy services to help you achieve optimal health and beauty. Our...

Aloe Aloe Fluoride Free Toothpaste - 100ml (With Bee Propolis)


Benefits of flouride free toothpaste:  Family Friendly, fluoride free toothpaste Made with aloe vera and calendula Free from fluoride and SLS 97% natural ingredients Classic minty taste with natural peppermint...

Aloe Aloe Makeup Remover - 200ml


Benefits of aloe aloe makeup remover: Suitable for eyes, lips and face Made with damask rose water and aloe vera extract  Free from alcohol 99% natural ingredients Especially kind to sensitive skin ...

Natural Argan Oil Hair Care Conditioner Mask 150ml


  Restores moisture and strength to hair Hair conditioner follows a healthy shampoo routine to restore moisture and increase hair strength. We’ve made sure our hair mask provides excellent conditioning...

Viorelli Red Light Bed and Panel


Redefine Restful Wellness with our State-of-the-Art Dual Light Therapy Bed/Wall Panel Experience the power of specific and proven wavelengths with our Red Light Therapy Bed. Clinically designed with 660nm (red)...

VS100 Facial Light


Find out more at Viorelli.comTo download your manual click here   LED colour options and uses Red light: Wavelength of 630nm, improves cell activity, speeds up metabolism, promotes collagen formation,...

Natural Argan Oil Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair 250ml


  Benefits of our Natural Shampoo: Suitable for normal or dry, damaged hair. Argan oil is loaded with vitamin E, ferulic acid and fatty acids. Free from sulphates and silicones....

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