Servings: 10 · Prep Time: 20 mins · Cooking Time: 80 mins
Total Time: 100 mins


Totally healthy and completely delicious. They can be a bit time consuming to make, but I find they always taste better than those from the supermarket. Use as a snack, place on salads or use to top a smoothie.


  • Coconut


How to open a coconut - Take a screwdriver and inset into at least 2 of the coconut eyes and drain out the delicious water in a glass. Next take a hammer, place the coconut on a hard surface and start to hit it. You will have to normally strike it a dozen times or so, rotating the coconut between hits. Eventually it will fracture. Then take a strong spoon or a knife and prize the flesh from the shell. Although you see people on the internet get the flesh out whole, it rarely happens, so don't get down on yourself! (Apparently they put the coconut in the freezer for a day first, but I have never tried it).

You can either leave on the outer layer of brown skin, or use a vegetable peeler to remove it. Next take a vegetable peeler or a mandolin and cut into shape (be careful of your finger - because I am quite clumsy, I actually put on my cutting gloves).

Finally, if you have dehydrating machine, then put them in for about 4 hours. If not put in the oven on a low heat around 60 degrees and dry the coconut out (it usually takes just over an hour). You will know they are done when they easily snap in half with a crunchy sound. Great news, you can make in batches and store them in a jar in the fridge for several months. If you have toasted them, they don't store for quite as long, but you will still get about a month out of them.

You can either eat them like this or toast them. When you toast them, be really careful because they burn quite easily and then taste awful.