Servings: 12 · Prep Time: 10 mins · Cooking Time: 60 mins
Total Time: 70 mins

Snacks | Desserts

A really simple low carb, low sugar snack. Something you can keep in the fridge or freezer and have at any moment you are craving something "sweet". Coconut is great as it is low carb, but subtly sweet. It is full of healthy fats. The dark chocolate topping is a fantastic addition, especially if you opt for something slightly bitter like a 90% or higher. If you want to you could add some chopped nuts to the top



  • cocoa powder (15g)
  • dried coconut flakes (70g)
  • desiccated coconut (50g)
  • water (4 tbsp)
  • (optional) powdered sweetener or sugar (1 tsp)
  • coconut oil (2 tbsp)
  • dark chocolate (60g)


In to a high powdered food processor place the cocoa, coconut flakes, desiccated coconut, sweetener (optional)and coconut oil. Blend until sticky. Add in the water, little by little until you have a thick, sticky dough.
Press in to a mould / square baking dish. It is best to use something lined with parchment or silicone.
Pop in the freezer for 30 mins until firm.
Melt the dark chocolate chocolate and pour straight over the top. Move the mould around until all the chocolate covers the top.
Place in fridge for 30 mins until set and then cut in to pieces with a hot knife and serve.