Servings: 4 · Prep Time: 10 mins · Cooking Time: 25 mins
Total Time: 35 mins

Soups | Low Carb

Bowls of hot mushroom soup are perfect for chilly days. Thickened by pureeing rather than potatoes, the carbs are kept low. Use any crumbly cheese if Stilton isn't your thing. It's great on its own as a light meal or good with any low-carb breads.


  • Mushrooms (500g sliced)
  • Stilton (200g)
  • Stock (800ml)
  • Butter (2 tbsp)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 tbsp)
  • Salt (1 tsp)
  • Black Pepper (lots)
  • Garlic (2 cloves)
  • Rosemary or Thyme (3 sprigs)
  • Leek (1 (125g))


Fry the mushrooms in a large frying pan over a high heat with half the butter and oil, pepper, garlic and herbs. If your pan isn't large, add them in batches to the pan and stir them through.

Meanwhile fry the leek in the remaining butter and oil in a large saucepan over a low heat. Scatter the teaspoon of salt between the two pans.

Keep stirring the two pans and when the mushrooms are soft and darkened, remove 100g and set aside in a warm place. Add the rest to the leeks. Now add the stock and bring to the boil. Continue to cook for 5 minutes.

Discard the herbs and blend the soup with a stick blender or liquidiser. Return the soup to the pan and crumble in half the stilton. Stir until it melts. Taste the soup and adjust the seasoning to your liking.

To serve, ladle the soup into warm soup bowls and top with the reserved mushrooms. Crumble over the remaining Stilton, add a twist of black pepper and serve straight away.

Per serving: 12.4g net carbs, 1.6g fibre, 21.2g protein, 32.9g fat, 426kcal

1 teaspoon salt between the two pans
Plenty of freshly-ground black pepper
2 garlic cloves, peeled and lightly squashed