with Dr Benjamin Bikman

If we could imagine someone who is standing at the beginning of a weight loss journey, all for the best of intentions, they want to improve their blood pressure, they want to reverse their diabetes, they want to reduce their risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

They have every good reason to do this in the world, it's not like these people lack motivation. They're standing at the beginning of this marathon, and they can choose to start this journey with one of two steps:

One step is just reducing energy. In other words, eating less, low-calorie.

The alternative step is, low insulin.

Now, let me describe the problem. So many people, with the best of intentions, they've just been told so long that obesity and excess fat tissue is purely a matter of calories, you just have too much... just eat less and exercise more.

So they take that first step of I' eating less fats, my calories are down and boy I'm working out more than ever.

All that does is drive hunger.