with Dr Anna Symonds

"So I shoudln't be anxious, I should be at work today. It's awful that I'm sat on the sofa and I can't do this thing I really wanted to do and be there and be present."

That doesn't get you anywhere, does it. All that get's you is to places where you feel terrible about yourself.

"I feel like I've let all my colleagues down, I'm not good enough." Whereas, if you just go "You know what, I just need to heal today and today is a healing day. I just need to take it easy, and then I'll be OK. I'll replenish myself and I'll be OK" that's a much better, nicer, gentler way.

But if you find it hard to do that to yourself, just think... How would you talk to a child in that scenario? And then you can hopefully apply that back to yourself.