Servings: 1 · Prep Time: 5 mins · Cooking Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 15 mins


These coconut and maca primal pancakes have increasingly become a new favourite recipe in the Bennett household. Despite being grain free, they're still incredibly fluffy and light. In fact, they're just like your usual American pancakes - minus the unhealthy fat, grease, and CARBS! To make these Primal-friendly pancakes we've used a gift from the heavens (or a very tall tree), coconut flour. If it weren't for the holy coconut, making bread without grain flour would be kind of difficult. Derived from the dried flesh of the coconut, this is a flour that's packed full of fibre, protein and healthy fats. It's free of both gluten and grain too.



  • Coconut flour (2 tbsp)
  • Almond flour (2 tbsp)
  • Maca powder (1 tbsp)
  • Coconut sugar (1 tsp)
  • Salt (1 pinch)
  • Organic eggs (2 large)
  • Milk (5 tbsp)
  • Coconut oil (1 tsp)
  • Full fat yoghurt (1 tbsp)
  • Fresh blueberries (1 handful)
  • Mixed seeds (1 tbsp)


Begin by whisking your eggs in a mixing bowl until extremely fluffy and bubbly (this is important
for the fluffiness of the pancakes). Next, add the flours, maca powder, coconut sugar and salt and mix everything together.

Add the milk one tablespoon at a time, stirring in between each tablespoon. Dependant on the coconut flour you're using, you may need more or less milk. Therefore, it's important that you make
sure to stir in between.

Once you have a pancake mixture, do a final whisk and leave for 5 minutes to set.

During that time you can heat a pan with a tsp of coconut oil until the pan becomes hot.
On medium heat, add a tbsp of pancake mixture to the pan and create a pancake shape. Once bubbles appear, flip the pancake and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. Repeat this process until all of
your pancake mixture has been used up.

Serve your pancakes with a handful of blueberries, seeds and a tbsp of full fat yoghurt - if you wish!


Coconut and maca pancakes.jpg
Coconut and maca pancakes 2.jpg