Servings: 2 · Prep Time: 7 mins · Cooking Time: 14 mins
Total Time: 21 mins


This juicy taco bowl is loaded with seasoned king prawns, green salsa, crisp lettuce and tender cauliflower rice. Served with a paprika and lime sour cream. This is a great sharing dish, perfect for the weekend. It is also a great option for meal prepping in bulk to provide you with lunches during the week.



  • raw king prawns (150g)
  • olive oil (1 tbsp)
  • lime zest (1/2 tsp)
  • ground cumin (1/2 tsp)
  • ground coriander (1/2 tsp)
  • smoked paprika (1/2 tsp)
  • dried oregano (1/2 tsp)
  • chilli powder (1/2 tsp)
  • garlic powder (1/4 tsp)
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste (pinch)

Green Salsa

  • spring onion (1 large roughly diced)
  • fresh coriander (1 tbsp)
  • lime juice (1 tsp)
  • olive oil (1/2 tbsp)
  • cucumber (1/2 cup diced)
  • avocado (1/2 medium peeled and diced)
  • sea salt (pinch)

Cauliflower Rice

  • cherry tomatoes (4 quartered)
  • cauliflower rice (2 cups)
  • garlic (1 clove minced)
  • smoked paprika (1 tsp)
  • olive oil (1 tbsp)
  • white onion (1/4 medium finely diced)
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste (pinch)
  • To Serve
  • iceberg lettuce leaves
  • sour cream (2 tbsp)
  • lime juice (1 tsp)
  • smoked paprika (1/4 tsp)


Add all the salsa ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir together well to combine. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

To prepare the prawns, add the olive oil, lime zest, spices and seasonings to a mixing bowl. Stir well to combine. Add the prawns and coat in the oil and seasonings.

Heat a frying pan over a medium/high heat and add the prawns. Cook for 4-5 minutes until the prawns turn pink and are piping hot through.

To prepare the rice, heat the olive oil in a medium pan over a low/medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and sweat until tender.

Add the cherry tomatoes and paprika and stir well to combine. Cook for a minute or so until the tomatoes soften and start to break down.

Add the cauliflower rice and a tablespoon of water. Stir well to combine and cook for a minute or two until the rice is hot through.

Arrange two lettuce leaves in serving bowls and top with the prawns. Divide the salsa and rice between the two bowls.

Mix the sour cream with remaining lime juice and sprinkle with the smoked paprika to serve.


Prawn Taco Keto Bowl 1.CR2
Prawn Taco Keto Bowl 2.CR2
Prawn Taco Keto Bowl 3.CR2