Servings: 4 · Prep Time: 10 mins · Cooking Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 40 mins


This quick and easy one-pan dish is packed full of delicious curry spices and provides our bodies with some pretty amazing anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to the turmeric and coconut. It's no secret that we're a big lover of both food ingredients at Primal Living. This dish is best served with a wedge of lime and lightly fried cauliflower rice.



  • Garlic cloves (4, diced)
  • Fresh ginger (1 tsp)
  • Turmeric (1 tbsp)
  • Mustard seeds (2 tsp)
  • Ground coriander (1 tsp)
  • Cumin seeds (2 tsp)
  • Curry powder (1 tbsp)
  • Salt (1/2 tsp)


  • Sweet red pepper
  • Red onion
  • Coconut oil (1 tbsp)
  • Coconut milk (400ml)
  • Courgette (1/2, sliced)
  • Coriander (1 small bunch, chopped)
  • Mixed fish (600 grams)
  • Lime (1, cut into wedges)
  • Tenderstem broccoli
  • Salt and pepper (pinch)


Begin by making your red Thai curry paste.

Pop all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend until you have a creamy paste.

In a pan, pour in the creamy part of your coconut milk and bring to an almost boiling point
(not for too long otherwise the milk will curdle) and then bring to the simmer.

Add the red Thai curry paste, red pepper, green beans, mangetout and fish sauce. Whilst
this cooks, fry your beef in a separate pan until brown. Make sure not to overcook otherwise
the meat will become tough.

Once brown, add the beef strips to the coconut milk, the rest of the coconut milk liquid and
slowly stir. Leave on medium to low heat for 10-15 minutes for the flavours to soak into the
meat. In the last 5 minutes, add your pineapple chunks.

Once done, serve and top with a sprinkle of fresh basil and a wedge of lime. Enjoy!


coconut and turmeric fish curry.jpg