Servings: 6 · Prep Time: 15 mins · Cooking Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 30 mins

Sides | Dinner | Lunch | Keto | Low Carb

Better than any other Yorkshire pudding you will find! Huge statement, we know, but this recipe has been tried by thousands of people Worldwide and this is always the general consensus. These are so quick to make. They are totally grain and gluten free and tick all the boxes for those following a low carb / primal lifestyle. Cooked in goose fat or beef dripping, the method is incredibly simple. These Yorkshires really are the real deal. Who ever you serve them to won't believe just how low they are in carbs, with only 4g carbs, per Yorkshire. Serve with your favourite joint of meat, some veggies, celeriac roasties (have a look under "sides' ) and a great glug of homemade gravy. Who says following a primal lifestyle is unsustainable?! Once you have made these Yorkshires once, you will want to make them again and again.


  • goose fat
  • double cream (heavy cream) (55ml)
  • milk (whole or semi skimmed) (55ml)
  • eggs (2 large)
  • arrowroot powder (35g)
  • ground linseed (or ground almonds) (15g)


Preheat oven to 200C.
Place � tsp goose fat into the bottom of each muffin holder.
Put in the oven for at least 10 minutes. You want the oil to be sizzling when you pour the batter in, so do a test with a tsp batter before you pour the rest in.
Whilst the oil is in the oven, make the batter.
Add the eggs, milk and double cream and whisk. Add in the arrowroot and linseed and whisk.
Once the oil is ready, pour about 1 inch batter into each mould (you want it to be about � full).
Place in the oven for 15 minutes. Have a peek and then continue to check for another 5 or so minutes until golden brown.
Remove from the oven and serve.