Servings: 12 · Prep Time: 5 mins · Cooking Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 10 mins

Desserts | Breakfast | Fibre

If you haven't bought yourself some konjac konjac flour to make these delicious pancakes, then I urge you do. These pancakes take next to no time to make, have a beautiful spring to them, as well as being light and fluffy. The recipe is here for you to adapt how you wish. Add some herbs and spices to make savoury, or some berries or cinnamon / chocolate to make sweet!


  • Konjac konjac flour
  • ground almonds (20g)
  • large eggs
  • vanilla essence (1 tsp)
  • milk (155g)
  • coconut oil (1 tsp)


In to a deep bowl, combine wet ingredients and whisk together well. Avoid adding the vanilla essence if you are making them savoury.
Now add in the ground almonds and whisk before adding in the fibre flour. Do noted any more than 6g as it will be too tick to cook with. You want to have a custard like consistency.
Heat a frying pan and add some coconut oil, allow to melt.
Add in 1-2 tbsp at a time. Cook one side before slipping. Each pancake will cook quickly. Repeat until all mixture cooked.
Serve and enjoy.