Servings: 2 · Prep Time: 1 mins · Cooking Time: 3 mins
Total Time: 4 mins

Dinner | Lunch | Low Carb | Minimal Ingredients | Quick | Fibre

Deliciously nutritious, zero carbohydrates and start to finish in less than four minutes. This is how healthy food should be. You can substitute the meat for other meats and of course you could always substitute the flavouring for any other pre-made herb mixes


  • Konjac Spaghetti (200g)
  • Steak
  • Garama Masala (2 tbsp)
  • Butter (2 knobs)


This is so simple, and can be cooked in less than three minutes. Put a few knobs of butter in the saucepan and as it melts add the noodles and the steak and the mixed herbs. Chunks then cook until the steak is as you like. I person then take it out and slice the steak but of course you could have it as one whole piece.